Vive la France


I have returned to my small room in Dijon- to all those who have checked out my blog, this is where the fun really begins.

I took the Eurostar for the first time in eight years today. I don’t remember much of it the first time, mainly because I was a brooding (I say brooding, I really mean annoying) twelve year old. My mother told me the Eurostar would be a nice alternative to a plane, a more relaxed trip that would allow me to get some work done without having to go through the stresses of the airport. Haha. I rocked up to London St Pancras International, bag wide open because my new bag wouldn’t close due to the sheer amount of items I was attempting to take back with me to Dijon that wouldn’t fit in my case. ANYWAY, I was foolishly surprised to learn that I did in fact have to go through passport control, security and I had to check in. Mcdonalds may have missed a customer, but at least I didn’t miss my train.

Despite alI of this, I was highly impressed with the Eurostar. They treat you like you would like to be treated after an Asian man accidentally drops his case on your feet and his wife decides to take a photo of it. It is also fast, but you don’t see fish in the sea as I hoped I would when I was twelve. They even offered me wine, which I declined because I decided I should be sober upon arrival in Dijon. This I was happy about as I could hardly see anything when I arrived- as was the case before I left, the town is shrouded in mist most nights. Keep following for what I discover in my arrival back in France….


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