Dance Moms

maddie z

It was inevitable I would have a post about this. Dance is one of my favourite things, and because I’m not doing much of it at the moment I get tempted to watch dance videos posted by friends in Edinburgh or by Youtube people I don’t know who share my enjoyment of Dance Moms. Whenever I mention Dance Moms to people who have never heard of it, I’m met with looks of disbelief because the people think its a programme in which the moms dance. Au contraire mon ami. This programme follows the pattern of many before it- Baseball Wives, The Housewives of Orange County, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, New Jersey, and almost every place in the United States (apparently there is a Real Housewives of Athens)- in that the women are just supporting characters to someone who actually does something exciting.

BUT, these women are not supporting men, they are supporting their 9-12 year old daughters in their quests for superstardom in the dance world. When it first started they were all nine, now some of them are thirteen, so this programme has been around for about four years (good maths I know). So what is the appeal? I have a weakness for drama. Drama and dance? Even better. Honestly, though, I just love watching the girls dance. I couldn’t really care less about the mothers who see nothing shameful about exploiting their daughters talents for their own fame and power whilst agreeing to participate inobviously staged drama (this, as in every reality show, has only gotten worse as the show has progressed and viewings have gone up).

There is one girl, though, who everyone knows. Maddie Ziegler was in the Sia music video Chandelier, and she is now in the video for Sia’s Elastic Heart. The show has tried to portray her as the ‘favourite’ of Abby Lee Miller, which definitely has truth to it, but what is important is her talent. As a dancer, she is extremely beautiful to watch. The other girls are great too, but she definitely has something special, that intangible quality every huge star has that makes her stand out as well as brilliant technique. I really hope, that the drama in this show does not affect her dance career in a bad way or that the pressure becomes to much. I give Miller credit for bringing out the best in a great dancer who will hopefully remain in the spotlight.