R&B summer 2016: my favourite picks and which direction its going in

For about a year now, I have been checking youtube every few weeks/months, keeping an eye out for music posted by one of my favourite breakout artists of 2015- Doja Cat. Only 20 years old, Doja is fresh. More than fresh, she’s really talented. I listen to a lot of R&B music, by a lot of fresh faces and artists dubbed the next big thing, but I have never heard anything like Doja Cat’s music. It definitely isn’t for everyone- the song ‘Ice Cream Pu$$y’ was one of my favourites- but if you like R&B and want to hear something you’ve never heard before, you have to listen to So High, Dindu Nuffin and Try.

Try contains the line ‘I’m not even fucking trying/This whole fucking rap sound like a fucking nursery rhyme’. It sounds ridiculous, but its so playful, so flamboyant and silly and refreshing to hear rappers ridicule their art (because lets be honest, rap can be ridiculous), that it makes ┬áher delivery even better. So High is just as good in remix form as in its original, and No Police is somehow innocent and dark at the same time. 2015 brought Tinashe and her wonderful mixtape Amethyst; altogether a more serious, more conventionally pop/R&B, but just as original and full of darkness and light.

That is what R&B is really- rebellion, sex, drugs and love sang to stripped trap beats and samples taken from a vast array of musical styles. I hope Doja makes an album.