Pokemon GO

pokemon go

I have always been a huge fan of the Pokemon franchise, but one of my wildest dreams was for the game to become reality. The Pokemon world was more exciting than my own dull reality (Scottish small town life can be mildly exciting at best); catching insects was normal and not weird, you had independence to run around an amazing world, you earned money by beating other trainers and catching a rare Pokemon still ranks as one of the best feelings I have ever experienced.

The current trend (trend is an understatement) for Pokemon GO is great, but I have a broken leg. Is it sad that my primary reason for getting active again is so that I can run around Edinburgh tapping manically at my iPhone and shouting CATCH CATCH CATCH. I have been waiting for Pokemon to experience a revival, and this is more than I could have hoped for.

Is the craze going too far? I think so, but Pokemon breaking the frontier between fantasy and reality has created a bizarre hyperreality where castles are home to Drowsys and people quitting their jobs to become full time Pokemon catchers are acceptable. It is all just a natural extension of the way things were going anyway; you can now morph your face into a number of creatures and masks using Snapchat, you can be Gordon Ramsay or Britney Spears in their apps, and now you can be a Pokemon trainer by downloading an app. Until it gets bought out by big business who seize the opportunity to make money off of this dream world, I’ll keep playing.